Packaging: the Italian sector in figures

The data processed by the research office of the Italian Packaging Institute , published in the monograph Packaging in Figures 2023, 2022 data, show us a stable sector from the production point of view, with a growing turnover and encouraging forecasts in the short term

After two years of fluctuating trends, in 2022 Italian packaging production shows substantial stability: -0.4% on 2021 equal to another 18 million tonnes. Double-digit growth, however, for the turnover which exceeded 40 billion euros, recording an increase of 15.4% compared to the previous year.

The increase in list prices charged to counterbalance the increases in energy prices and the higher costs of raw materials has an impact on the growth in turnover

Exports declining

Exports recorded a decline of -2.2% while imports continued their run, so much so that in 2022 the growth rate was +11.4%. However, the trade balance remains positive with 267 t/000 more packaging exported mainly to Europe compared to imported.

A look at the materials

As regards individual materials, negative trends were recorded for paper (-3.4%) and steel (-6.2%) packaging. The greater representativeness of paper packaging has a greater impact on the performance of the sector since cellulosics, in 2022, represented 31.9% of the total packaging produced. The performance of the other types of packaging was positive.

Medium-term outlook

Overall, the prospects for the next few years appear rosy. If a lower growth rate for the sector is assumed for 2023 due to the economic situation, an average annual increase of 1.1% is expected in the following years with production estimated to reach 19,141 t/000 in 2026.

Monographic Sheet of the Packaging Sector in Italy

Production segmented by materials (Ton/000)


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